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For your convenience features are split into Form Builder, Mobile Worker and General.

Form Builder

You don't need to be a programmer to use the form builder - all you need is to know what you want your form to look like.

Build your forms online from any location using any modern web browser.

Drag and Drop
Build a form by simply dragging and dropping form elements. It's simple, quick and intuitive.

Standard Form Elements
Checkbox, TextBox, Whole Number, Decimal Number, Date, Time, Select One, Select Many, Sections

Advance Form Elements
Signature, Photo, GPS

Repeat Sections
How long is a piece of string? Ask a repeat section!
A repeat section can be repeated as many times as required; it is designed for situations where you can not predetermine how times a set of questions should be asked. Your mobile user decides how many times to repeat the section by pressing the "Add Another" button. It is perfect for taking periodic readings, creating crew lists or any situation when the number of questions needed will vary.

Display Rules
Show or hide parts of your form based on user input. Display rules allows you to decide what questions a user needs to complete, greatly improving form usability and therefore worker efficiency.

Input Validation
Set date range, numeric range, character range and required field on form questions to ensure mobile workers submit valid data.

Mobile Worker

Download, fill and submit your forms on your android using our mobile App.

Save Money
Save money by using existing Android hardware - Datadroid is compatible with all versions of android 2.1 and above - which is more or less all Android devices.

Tablet enhanced

User friendly
Everything about Datadroid is geared towards making form filling simple and intuitive.

  • Color coded validation - instantly see what questions are unanswered, required or contain an invalid answer
  • Percentage bars - instantly see how complete a form or section is
  • Optimum Font size and layout
  • Forms are presented in list form, making best use of limited space

Large Form Friendly
Percentage bars, Percentage values and colour coded validation show at a glance how complete the form and its sections are. These features are essential for large forms, without them the mobile user is left to manually determine what questions remain.

Work Offline
Mobile users are free to collect data in remote environments safe in the knowledge that their work is stored until an Internet connection is available. An Internet connection is only needed when synchronizing data.

Photo Attachments
Flexibility is key, you never know when a photo maybe useful, so we've included the ability to add and edit a photo to any form element. Simply "long press" an element to access the photo attachment menu.

Battery conscious colour scheme
Bright colors and flashing special effects are kept to a minimum to ensure datadroid only uses as much battery as is needed.

General Features

Multi Form
A job may require more than one form to be completed or maybe it's just more convenient to split a form into more managable parts. Datadroid is the only mobile system that allows you to package more than one form into a work package.

IS09000 Compliance

  • Review Date - Receive notification when your form is due for review
  • Form Version History - Every form version is recorded and kept for future reference

Export your reports to Excel, Word and PDF.

Company Logo
Add your company logo to exported PDF Reports.

PDF Email and notification
Automatically email newly submitted reports to one or more email addresses in PDF format. Perfect for situations where a third party needs to be informed once work has been carried out.

Multi User
Create as many mobile workers as you need for free.

Multi Group support
Organise your mobile workers into groups and save time when assigning forms.

Free Android app
Datadroid is free to deploy to as many users as you need.

Time zone support
Time and date values include time offset.

Adhoc or Scheduled Forms
Create a library of adhoc forms available on each mobile device or schedule when a form should be complete. Scheduled forms disappear from the mobile device as soon as they are completed and submitted.

Industry standard encryption on all communications between you, our website and the mobile worker. Any form you design, any data you view and any form that is submitted, is all encrypted to the same standards used within the financial sector.